Rapid River Rentals

Rapid River Rentals

Float Trips

Duration: 2-4 Hours of float time
Weather: No launches in bad weather

Daily Rates:

Adult Kayak: $30.00
Double Kayak: $40.00
Canoe: $40.00
Children Kayak: $20.00
Paddle Boards: $25.00
Pontoon: $25.00
10-Man Raft: $120.00
8-Man Raft: $100.00
6-Man Raft: $80.00
4-Man Raft: $60.00
Trailer Usage: $15.00
(Includes) Paddle and/or Life Jacket
Regular Tubes: $8.00
Deluxe Tubes: $10.00
(Includes Life Jacket)

Required to wear a life jacket

Shuttle Rates

$30.00 Minimum

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