Old Hickory Sheds, LLC and its associates are not responsible for permits, snow/wind load requirements, covenant searches, restrictions, setbacks, yard damage, or underground damage. Customer is responsible for compliance with any such requirements. Free setup includes leveling the barn, starting with one barn corner at ground level and raising it up to a maximum of 3 feet. If leveling requires 1 foot or less, pressure treated wood may be used. Otherwise, customer may supply concrete blocks which are placed on top of the ground, or we can supply concrete blocks for $3.00 each. In very rare cases, underground footers may be required by local building codes. Old Hickory Sheds does not offer digging or footer services and these are not included in free set up, however we can work with customer or contractor when required for an additional cost. Please contact your local Building Inspector and/or Homeowner’s Association for information on requirements and restrictions. It is the customer’s responsibility to decide if ground conditions are unsuitable for delivery. Free Delivery covers one trip up to 30 miles one way. Trips over 30 miles are subject to a $3/mile
(8ft & 10ft wide), $3.50/mile (12ft wide), $4.50/mile (14ft & 16ft wide) charge one way. The customer will be responsible for the mileage charge as well as the cost of any additional trips. 

No sale is final until accepted and approved by Old Hickory’s corporate office and building is set up at customer’s location.